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Sedation Dentistry is a service we offer to patients who may need a little or a lot of extra help relaxing during procedures.

  • I.V. Sedation: I.V. sedation is indicated when minor surgical procedures need to be performed in the dental office (i.e. extraction of impacted wisdom teeth) or when the child has an extensive amount of treatment to be performed. All dental treatment is completed in one to two hours and the effects of the I.V. medications may last up to a few hours following the procedure.
  • General Anesthesia: General anesthesia is used for a child who is unable to cooperate and/or has an extensive amount of treatment to be done, or has a medical condition that necessitates the need for careful medical management. An anesthesiologist puts the child to sleep in an operating room and places a breathing tube down the child's nose and into the airway to allow for a safe and uninterrupted breathing pattern. All dental treatment is performed in one appointement and the effects of the general anesthetics used may last up to a few hours following the procedure.

Dr. Gutzman- Anesthesiologist

IV sedation for those with severe anxiety or very young and anxious children, IV sedation may be desirable. For these patients, we bring Dr. David Gutzman, a dental anesthesiologist with 28 years experience, to our office for the appointment. Dr. Gutzman stays in physical contact with the patient throughout the procedure, and remains until he or she is fully alert.


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